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Pulverized Fuel Boiler Types

  • Cochran Boiler (Working And Parts ) हिन्दी - YouTube

    Cochran Boiler | Working, Construction, Diagram, ApplicationLearn More

  • Cochran Boiler: Definition, Main Parts, Working

    Cochran Boiler is a multi-tubular vertical fire tube boiler having a number of horizontal fire tubes. It is the modification of a simple vertical boiler where the heating surface has been increased by means of a number of fire tubes. The efficiency of this boiler is much better than the simple vertical boiler.Learn More


    28.1. Fire-Tube Boilers 28.1.1. Cochran Fire-Tube Boiler Features and characteristics Refer Fig. 28.1.The Cochran boiler is. vertical, multi tubular, fire tube, internally fired and. natural circulation boiler. It is suitable for small plants requiring small quantities of steam and where the floor area is limited.Learn More

  • Notes on Cochran Boiler - ME Mechanical

    Cochran boiler is a vertical, coal or oil fired, fire-tube boiler. It is the modification of a simple vertical boiler with increase in surface area. Cochran boiler consists of a cylindrical shell with its top in a spherical shape. The furnace of the Cochran boiler is in hemispherical shape. The grate is placed at the bottom of the furnace and Learn More

  • Cochran Boiler: Parts, Application, Advantages | Linquip

    Nov 16, 2020 · It is a low-pressure boiler. you can use any type of fuel for running a Cochran Boiler. This is suitable for small capacity requirements. It has about 70% thermal efficiency with coal firing and about 75% thermal efficiency with oil firing. The ratio of grate area to …Learn More

  • Cochran Boiler - SlideShare

    Jan 24, 2019 · 6. Characteristics of Cochran boilerCharacteristics of Cochran boiler It is vertical. It is portable. It is a fire tube boiler. The number of tubes are more (multi-tube). It is internally fired. It has natural circulation. Solid as well as liquid fuel can be burnt. It's low pressure boiler It is vertical.Learn More

  • Types of Marine Boilers and Difference Between Water Tube

    Mar 12, 2013 · 1) These types of boilers have light weight construction. 2) Efficiency compared of the smoke tube boilers is much higher and those can be used to generate the high pressure steam. 3) Efficiency of combustion in this type of boiler is always good. 4) Thermal stresses are less as the water circulation is very good inside the tubes.Learn More


    Classification of Boiler: Fire tube (smoke tube) and water tube Internally fired and externally fired B. Cochran boiler C. Babcock and Wilcox boiler . GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, VALSAD Draw working sketch (with p-v diagram) of four stroke gasoline (petrol) and diesel engine. ExplainLearn More


    Dec 08, 2020 · how cochran boiler is designed|why cochran is hemispherical in shape|how the smoke flow in cochran boiler|what is ogee ring|Learn More

  • Cochran Boiler || Definition, Main Parts, Working

    Mar 03, 2020 · Cochran Boiler. The Cochran boiler was founded by Cochran & Co. of Annan.; It is a vertical multi -rounded kettle and having various level fire tubes. It is the modification of simple vertical evaporator where the heating surface has been increased by means of a number of fire tubes.; The productivity of this evaporator is obviously superior to the straightforward vertical heater.Learn More


    (a) Fire tube or smoke tube boiler and (b) Water tube boiler. In Fire tube steam boilers, the flames and hot gases, produced by the combustion of fuel, pass through the tubes (called multi-tubes) which are surrounded by water. The heat is conducted through the walls of the tubes from the hot gases to the surrounding water. Ex: Simple vertical Learn More

  • Cochran boiler: parts, working, uses, advantages

    A Cochran boiler is a vertical axis, multi-tubular fire tube boiler that operates at low pressure having natural circulation. The Cochran boiler is portable and has a thermal efficiency of about 70% when coal-fired and 75 % when oil-fired. The Cochran boiler is a modified form of the simple vertical boiler and has higher efficiency than that of Learn More

  • Cochran Boiler: Definition, Parts, Working, Specification

    In this article, we will discuss Cochran Boiler: Definition, Parts, Working, Specification, Applications, Advantages & Disadvantages in a detailed way.. Cochran Boiler Definition: Cochran Boiler is one of the best types of vertical, multi-tubular boiler which has a number of horizontal fire tubes used for the generation of steam.Learn More

  • Cochran boiler working principle - YouTube

    Sep 25, 2020 · Cochran boiler is a fire tube subcritical boiler. It generates saturated steam. By this short lecture one can learn the working principle of a Cochran boileLearn More

  • Fire tube boiler parts explained - Learn about the working

    Jul 30, 2009 · Composite boilers are provided with systems that can be run by two ways, either by conventional oil firing and burning or by using the heat from the engine' exhaust gases. All the composite boilers are based on firetube boiler designs . Even the Cochran boiler can be modified to be used as a composite boiler.Learn More

  • Design of Boilers (With Diagram) | Thermodynamics

    Design of Cochran Boiler: It is a Fire tube, Stationary, Multi-tubular, Internally fired, vertical boiler. Cochran boiler is made in many sizes capable of producing steam upto 3 T/hour and working pressures upto 17 bar. This boiler gives Thermal efficiency (ƞ th) of 70% with coal firing and about 75% with oil firing.Learn More

  • Boilers - University of Alabama

    Fire-Tube Boiler (~1800) The fire tube boiler, the oldest design, is made so the products of combustion pass through tubes surrounded by water in a shell. The furnace/flame volume can either be inside or external to the shell that contains the water. The upper steam capacity of fire tube boilers is about 20,000 Ibm/hr, and the peak pressureLearn More

  • Cochran Boiler - Main Parts, Working, Advantages and

    Feb 15, 2017 · 4. Fire Tubes: Cochran boiler has multi-tubular fire tubes. The hot flue gases from the combustion chamber travels to the smokebox through these fire tubes. The fire tubes helps in the exchange of heat from the hot flue gases to the water. 5. Fire Hole: It is the hole provided to fire the fuel inside the furnace. 6.Learn More

  • List of Important Steam Boilers | Mechanical Engineering

    Cochran Boiler 2. Lancashire Boiler 3. Locomotive Boiler 4. Babcock and Wilcox Boiler 5. Oil-Fired Packaged Boiler. 1. Cochran Boiler: Cochran boiler is one of the best types of multi-tubular vertical fire tube boiler. It has a number of horizontal smoke tubes. It is internally fired, natural circulation fire tube boiler …Learn More

  • What are stay tubes in a boiler? - Quora

    Stay tubes are the ones in a boiler which give support to the end plates. The wall thickness of stay tubes higher than the normal tubes. I hope is answer to your question. If I am not mistaken, you are a marine engineer and this information is parLearn More

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